Sunday, September 15, 2013

New Chapter

This is my attempt to come back to blogging my thoughts out. (Good luck to me..hahaha). To my readers, allow me to update you....(another if my readers...pagpasensyahan nyo na ako...feelingera din pag may time..hehehe)

Ok, remember this post? A and I have decided to be more serious about our business venture in baking. It has been 2 months now that I am officially out of the corporate world. Yes, you read it right. I resigned from my work in Fujitsu and is now a trying-struggling-but-happy-and-contented SAHM/SAHM (Stay At Home Mom/Wife). I enjoyed each day that I do not need to dread Mondays and hate Fridays...(I guess, you all know what I mean by this.)

I am happy and proud to share with you guys that I feel, actually we are really blessed by God and giving us another source of income out of baking. HHmmmm, we can not officially call ourselves entrepreneurs yet since we are not done with all the legal papers that need to be in placed for our business to be registered.
For now, we are doing purely home baking.

God has graced us with constant orders and regular buyers of our baked products. (cookies, cupcakes, wheat bread, etc...I will share what we bake & sell in another post ok lang?)

I will admit that my regular monthly income is still not at par from what we are getting out of baking...but time well spent with my son and A is immeasurable and incomparable...These are the things that money can not buy. (I am one blessed woman! ^__^)

For the past 2 months, I thought I would have ample time to spend for myself...but I was completely wrong. I am still out almost busy mom-wife...yes! I was even astounded to realize that being a SAHM/SAHW really takes more of your Me-Time...I find it hard to go on-line, check FB and going back to blogging has been a brawl with myself. hahaha.

But before I write senseless blah blahs...(I hope I am not wasting your time reading this)...allow me to share the name of our business.

I am well pleased to introduce:

It was my brother who gave the name to our business. Why 3yalicious?
Basically, from our last name (Tria) and delicious, thus putting some tweaking, 3yalicious came to life. We 1st named it 3yalicious Bakeshop but decided to change it to Bakeshouse since Bakeshop seems too typical. And since we are doing purely home baking for now, we feel Bakeshouse is more appropriate and fitting. What you think? :-)

This is what we print on our paper bags with the slogan of "Because best things are from home..."
We honestly believe that indeed BEST THINGS are from home...and since we are baking from home (for now), our bread and cookies are comfort food we can offer to consumers. Not by being boastful, I like the smell of our kitchen has this aroma of freshly baked bread and cookies...the smell of butter, chocolate or cheese...oh my...simply heaven for me. :-)

Our Best Seller  = Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

This was our first logo: with pink polka dots and brown background. However, we just keep this for our packaging. For the paper bags, we made it simple (2nd picture above) to save on printer inks and we are still looking for customized rubber stamps so as to save more on branding costs. :P

Friends, I do hope this will continue and be legal anytime soon.
We have so many ideas on how our bakestore will look like and I am getting really excited especially on equipment and furniture hunting. (The shopaholic in me is alive! haha)

Until next time...

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