Saturday, February 8, 2014

QT Movie Date: Because February spells L.O.V.E

Lately, It's been a challenge for A and I to go out, just the two of us basically because, we do not have someone to look after our toddler.

So whenever we got that rare chance, we make sure, we will spent our day out to the max. hahaha
Last Feb. 1, we attended our church's event entitled NEXT in the morning until 1PM.
It was so fun and inspiring especially to upcoming leaders like me. (Yey!)

Got this lovely tokens.
Felt so much privilege to be given a copy of Pastor Steve Murell since this book is only available in USA.
He is such a generous man. Thanks a lot Ptr. Steve!!!

Lovely tokens from Victory Fort. Photo grabbed from a dear friend, Minoll

After the event, we immediately went to the nearest mall since we know for a fact that going somewhere else will just stuck us in traffic and will be a waste of time. :-)

Had a quick lunch at NYFD and straight to the cinema.

I would say, this movie has a very good story and full of lessons especially about love and relationships. (BF-GF, Father-Son, Daughter-Father, Family, husband-wife) All sorts of relationships.
I cried 4 times. Hahaha (cryola) but laughed a lot.

My favorite take away were the lines/scenes:

1. Pilita to Xian - "I chose to love your Lolo every single waking day of my life."

2. Anita Linda while having her interview with Xian & Kim:

Anita was holding her husbands hand so tight. It appears that her husband is suffering from alzheimer's disease. (Alzheimer's Disease is a medical condition that is most common form of dementia. To date, there is still no cure for this illness. It's a very serious and severe case of forgetting everything as time progresses.) She's recounting their vows with each other while the camera zoomed on their hands...It's the vow to love and hold, 'til death to us part... (aaawwww...i did not understand this famous vow since then).

Yes. Love is not just an emotion or feeling. It is more than what we feel.
To Love is a decision.
Staying in-love is a commitment.

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