Saturday, April 3, 2010

All about the Bride Part 1: The HeadDress

As promised, i will be sharing with you bits and pieces of what has transpired on the 19th day of Dec, 2009. How we dressed, our suppliers, how things went, how we felt, People who joined and celebrated with us, etc. So let's start with the Bride, ahem! Ofcourse that's me! ^__^ hehehe. I am the main author of this blog, so it will be much easier for me to write and tell stories.(Hihihi, palusot! Later na yung entry mo honeyko!)

Ok. As for my HeadDress, I got three. Why Three? Because...i used

1. Hair Vine
2. Hair Pins, and ofcourse
3. The Veil! :P

Allow me to discribe each of them:

1. Hair Vine: This was included from my wedding gown package c/o Noe Reyes. Originally, I do not want to use it for I would like my hair pins to be more visible on my hair. However, since my stylist, Lito Punzalan, insisted to put it on so we can make use of it (sayang nga naman if hindi magagamit) so there! It was placed on my head and it looked nice actually! :P
Thanks Lito!

2. Hair Pins: Oh I so loved them. Got them from Wedding Library at SM North, Edsa. People who are close to me will re-affirm that I am a butterfly fanatic. I so love butterfly so obviously, my attire will never ever be complete without one.

3. Veil: Included in my wedding gown package c/o Noe Reyes. At first, the agreement with Noe was

a. longer than my trail = CHECKED.
b. with butterfly and flower design that should look similar like this: an inspiration i got from my ex-officemate Julie! Her mother-in-law did her bridal gown. In fact I even considered here mom-in-law to do my gown too but I ended up with Noe Reyes because her mom lives in Antipolo which obviously will not be very practical for us who lives in Caloocan and Valenzuela respectively.

~*this was not my veil*~

But going back to my supposedly-veil-style, it never happened. Why? Maybe because I was brain washed that my veil will be much easier to carry if I walked down the aisle with my veil as it is. Just the cloth. Simple yet elegant. My designer, Noe, said the accessorized veil might pull my hair and or might adhere unto the church carpet so will make my once in a life time grand bridal march a disaster. Ok then. I bought that idea so I just had a plain, transparent, long veil. Bottomline, I liked it.

~*this was my veil*~
(Yes, it was long)

Hair wire + Hair Pins =
ACTUAL HAIR LOOK: This was how my hair looked on our wedding day.

Yes that was me....^_^

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