Monday, June 27, 2011

Some things I can't avoid....

SHOPPING!!! or simply BUYING things for myself, for my family, for someone, etc. *big grin*

Yes! I am a typical woman. I get frustrated if I go home w/o something from a store especially when I go to malls. There's this big urge to buy!!! Shopaholic Me? Maybe! hehehe....Ok! Ok! I admit. I am a one of them!!! hihihi...It makes me happy going home with something new with me. Be it food (a take out), school supply (i.e. glue, paper or pen), an item for the kitchen or some bling bling or accessory for me!!! Weeee!!!!!
It's something only girls can understand. Sure, my girlfriends can so relate! :P

So for today, though I didn't visit the mall, I made another purchase from my office mate who sells accessories for women. I love it was an easy sale for my colleague when she showed me this:

Made some variations of shots from my iPhone Photo Apps: ^__^

Camera: Camera Plus

Camera: Diana
Lens: Classic Lomo
Frame: Fabric
Camera: Camera Plus
Effect: Sketch
Frame: Soft Edge

Camera: Diana
Lens: Classic Lomo
Frame: Fabric
Camera: Diana
Lens: God Father
Frame: Fabric

Wallet Damage: almost 11.5 USD
Happy Meter: 9

Friday, June 24, 2011

Buntis 09: Baby Shower Party

Date: June 13, 2011
Guests: FES friends and colleagues
Venue: FES Office
Remarks: Simple, Short, but Sweet and Lot's of Fun!!! ^__^

Thanks to all the beautiful gifts for our baby!!! So loved them!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Buntis 08: Party! Party!!!

In 2 days time, I am officially full term!!! Yey!!! Entering my 37th week on Friday. Whew! (konti na lang, we will get to see and hold of our baby boy!) *super excited*

Last Monday, June 13, my friends and office mates threw a baby shower party for me. It was a short but very fun-filled celebration that we squeezed in during lunch break. The food was uber great and tasty. There were games as well where our boys participated willingly. Hilarious and exciting get together.

I will share more details on a separate entry. I want to back up my kwento with pictures. Still waiting for the pix from my office mate.

Well, as mentioned on my last entry on buntis moments, we have a name for our little one!!!

DIY gift boxes for the guests with yummy brownies inside! ^__^

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Big Screen

For 3 straight weeks, A and I together with one of my brothers are enjoying a good movie treat for ourselves week after week!!! Isn't it awesome?! ^__^

We are trying to get "OUR-TIME" as much as we can before our little bundle of joy arrives 5 weeks from now. Of course nothing will compare to the arrival of the our prince. No movie will make me as ecstatic while waiting for the Big Day than any movie premiere.

Next in line?

Wait, did I tell you that we just avail of Globe's prepaid promo where it every P200 worth of prepaid card you buy brings you for 1 "FREE" movie pass of your choice in any Ayala malls!!! We bought total of P2,400 worth of prepaid cards = 12 FREE movie passes! Weeeeee!!!!!!

Only free pass is worth P150 so you have to add on just in case you want to have 3D or sure seats!!! Plus don't forget your budge for popcorn and sodas! :D

Still not bad ayt? You get to enjoy goodness of both worlds. ^__^


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