Saturday, January 21, 2012

The benefits of blogging

Ok. This entry is long overdue but I promised myself this deserves an entry and space in this blog to show my sincere gratitude. After my story on my first ever online prize here, I somehow attracted series of lucky occurrences. Yey for me. I won several raffles from the holiday parties I've attended. Though not the big winner, still, i was able to take home some prizes including prizes from simple games from the parties. :-)

Blogging for me is an avenue to express myself, my thoughts, my feelings....myself.....through writing. I find serenity in this little space. And the good thing is, (which I just discovered last year) I can win prizes just by blogging! Yey!


to Sis Micah of Micanonymous for the gift. Really liked it!

Bath set with loofahs and lotions

I wonder what will i get next? Hmmm..... ^__^

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